Michele J. Reeves, Q.Arb,
Family Law Arbitrator & Mediator

Michele J. Reeves is available for arbitration and med-arb.

Video, phone, and email/written processes are available.

Arbitration Designation: Q.Arb

Mediation Designation: None

Rate: $500/hr + GST + disbursements + other fees. Contact Michele J. Reeves to determine their retainer deposit required for regular hearings/sessions. Rates may have changed, or may differ depending on the circumstances. Please contact Attia Reeves to confirm current rates.

Special terms (in addition to terms contained in service agreement): Please contact office for conflict search and book consultation appointment to discuss process and receive a quote.

Law Firm: Attia Reeves

Address: 10525 Jasper Ave NW, Suite 200, Edmonton, AB

Website: none

To book Michele J. Reeves, please contact Attia Reeves directly at:

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